Common Questions

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Tryouts are usually held in the beginning weeks of the Spring and Fall Semester.
We play other local schools throughout the Socal region during the regular season. Playoffs games and seasonal tournaments usually require us to travel to other parts of California, or even out of state.
Unforunately it is not free to play. Each player is responsible for paying their own dues for each semester. We also carpool to cut down on gas when traveling to away games. The school does provide us some help when traveling further for tournaments, but the amount is decided by a number of factors that usually relate to how involved we are as a club on campus and our positive relations to other clubs and the campus itself.
Practice is usually held every week during the semester on tuesday and thursdays between 3 Pm and 6 pm.
NO! You can play on the team as long as you are enrolled as a student at CSUF. We have had a variety of aged players on the team ranging from 17 years old to 30 years old!
Practice and games are just some of the many things we do as a club. Many times, team mates often take classes with each other on campus, eat together, volunteer as a team, support other schools clubs, and even participate together in the ASI meetings. We are a team and we don't expect just one person to do the job.